Food Intolerances Aren't Everything, Here's 12 Other Reasons You Might Be Bloated

Are you tired of feeling bloated and gassy after every meal? Have you found yourself running to the bathroom during an important dinner date? Girl, I've been there...

You might think that eating clean would prevent those uncomfortable symptoms, but there are many reasons why you could still experience gas and bloating. I often see women struggling with restrictive diets when the food they're eating isn't actually directly causing their indigestion. It's frustrating and can make you feel like nothing is working, when the problem lies deeper than diet.

The following factors can play a role in your digestive problems:

  1. Hypothyroid
  2. Poor intestinal motility
  3. Low stomach acid
  4. Gut infections
  5. Inflamed intestinal lining
  6. Low minerals
  7. Poor bile flow
  8. Stress
  9. PMS
  10. Intestinal shifting during and after pregnancy
  11. Histamine and allergies
  12. Autoimmune disease

But don't worry, there's a way to beat the bloat and finally feel good when enjoying an impromptu lunch date at a new restaurant. It's all about learning to read your body's signals. When you tune in to what your body is telling you, you can discover what it needs to be balanced and healthy.

For instance, when I was struggling with chronic indigestion, I found out that I needed to balance my hormones and get rid of PMS to finally say goodbye to bloating. And it worked! My abs were suddenly visible, my forehead acne cleared up, and my mental health improved.

Just imagine feeling comfortable and confident in your own body without the constant worry of bloating or gas. It's possible and you don't have to do it alone. If you're tired of feeling uncomfortable and want to level up your mind, body, and soul, reach out to me. It's time to say goodbye to the bloat and hello to feeling light and free!

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