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Women's Health Herbalist BSC

Hey there! I'm Antosia and I'm an herbalist that takes a hormone centric approach to women's health. The women I work with prefer holistic healing for their bodies over symptom treatment.

This means healing with herbs, nutrient rich foods and lifestyle instead of birth control, anti-biotics and other drugs that simply manage your symptoms.

I’m a woman like you, who struggled with understanding her body and her skin, but who mastered healing with food and plants. If you’re ready for it, I’m happy to guide you to do the same. Because happiness and healthis your normal.

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ANTOSIA'S background


Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba 2010

experience with herbalism

Antosia has been studying western herbalism for 20 years and has been working as an herbalist for 5 years.


Antosia specializes in women's hormones and associated health conditions like acne, indigestion, autoimmune disease, PMS, irregular periods, insulin resistance.


Antosia is currently based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her dog Jasper and loves to travel with her online clients in tow.

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